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Established in February 2013 but registered in November, 2015, Research Desk Consulting Ltd (RDC) is a private research consulting organisation operating in Ghana. RDC specialises in Agribusiness Development and Management, Agripreneurial Skills Development, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Environmental and Economic Impact Assessment, Research Data Management, Analysis and Visualisation, Agricultural Value Chain Analysis and Development,  Greenhouse and Aquaponic Development and Training, Waste Management and as well as Smallholder Farmers’ Capacity Building and Customised Training for FBOs. RDC believes that inclusive socio-economic development, and prosperity for all people can be achieved through research and private participation in technology uptake. Agribusiness holds key to Africa’s future and development. Several research outputs and findings with huge potential are left on shelves of institutions without reaching down to the smallholder farmer to influence his/her farming practices. The minute fraction of these evidenced-based research implemented are dominated by government-sponsored national research institutes (NARs) who lacks the ability to commercialise these innovations. Thus, a private led-research with full participation of allied businesses will stir investment and drive agribusiness and agripreneurship development. Thus, a knowledge-based approach to products development is particularly imperative in the context of rapidly evolving realities and permanently fluctuating climates within the changing business environment, evolving consumer culture and lifestyle and complex service provisioning. 


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To be a leading virtual companion for provision of competent and professional research services; a one-stop research hub for all research needs. Meeting clients’ needs with excellent and quality prompt service delivery.


The goal of Research Desk Consulting Ltd is to be a leading provider of hassle-free practical research services to academia, business and individuals. 


As a private research consultancy, Research Desk Consulting Ltd., (RDC) is committed to a set of organisational principles and objectives. 

In the discharge of our primary functions, RDC subscribes to principles of non-partisanship, intellectual property rights and independence, having as key objectives: 
Ø  To undertake thorough investigation in developing tailor-made products and services for clients
Ø  To render top-notch quality service to all our clients devoid of partiality and conflict of interest
Ø  To train and mentor the next generation of researchers for national development
Ø  To offer ready-made and stress-free professional business advice/training for agribusiness management.


Our Core Values

The core values which guide and govern the organisation’s daily interactions 
with clients and industry stakeholders include:
§  Excellence
§  Research-driven decision-making
§  Communication
§  Innovation
§  Independence
§  Teamwork